Friday, 13 July 2012


Definition 3; Freedom from normal restraints, limitations, or regulations.

latitude-2012-logo (1)Liz and Steph are at the Latitude Festival in Southwold this weekend. It’s an interesting event- ‘more than just a music festival’ and they rode their bikes from Ipswich Station to the Campsite

There is music, and literature, and science, and food and eco-friendly, reduced-carbon-footprint activities and much, much more.

latitude tour

I am sure they are going to have a wonderful time… Being a caring mother, I have checked out the weather forecast for the weekend. Now I wish I hadn’t! They are sensible girls, and will have wellies and rainwear sorted out. But this isn’t promising!
Forecast Summary – East of England & Southwold - Today -Some northern parts of the region may stay dull with occasional rain. Elsewhere sunny intervals are likely to develop, along with heavy showers, which could become thundery and prolonged in places in the afternoon. Tonight - Further heavy downpours are likely in places through the evening and first part of the night. Later in the night rain should become confined mainly to eastern parts.

welliesLiz won the tickets in another competition. I am so glad that she gave me the handwash prize, and kept the camping tickets for herself!

Not sure I’d have appreciated a wet weekend in a tent with much loud music! I am too old]

Looking forward to their phonecalls after the weekend – I am confident they will make the best of things whatever the weather.

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