Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Dear Debbie did duly depart [I can’t keep up this alliteration…] on her holiday to Norfolk. And in a second hand bookshop, she spotted two books about Ambridge, which she brought back as a Holiday Present for me. I have a number of Archers’ books already – but did not possess either of these two. I shall enjoy reading these


One is an encyclopaedia – full of facts about the various characters [up until the early 90’s] while the other is editor Vanessa Whitburn’s anecdotes about the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and stories of how various plotlines were selected. VW has been involved in producing The Archers since 1977, and has been editing since 1991 – so she knows her stuff! [currently she is on leave, returning later this month]

Storylines are a bit extreme at the minute especially if you are following ‘Ambridge Extra’ on Radio 4 Extra – but the beauty of books like this is that they remind you that there have always been bizarre goings-on in Borsetshire.

Thank you Debbie for thinking of me!

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  1. I had a couple of Archers books but I am afraid I gave them to the charity shop after reading. One was all of the old days (& Gwen) and the other was about Shula.

    I used to listen to them every Sunday, then started doing other things, then just wasn't able to watch in the evening. I must make time to get the podcasts of them.

    I'm so out of date, I've forgotten the storylines.


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