Monday, 2 July 2012

A Magic Lantern Show

turnbacktime rich

magic lanternLast week on ‘Turn Back Time’ [the BBC’s latest “Let’s see how life was for our great grandmammas” programme] the richest family [the Taylors] had a Magic Lantern Show. Papa projected pictures on the wall after dinner.The same day, I came home to find…

…on the dining table, the laptop connected to the data projector .


…projecting through the glass into the sunlounge, where Bob was


…busily drawing round the image of the Holiday Bible Club logo, on the back of the Jubilee Picnic Banner


How’s that for creative recycling?


And now the banner is outside church, ready for Holiday Bible Club – and £100 or so has been saved as we haven’t had to buy one!



  1. We are doing ours that week too....Hope yours goes well!

  2. great - can you say what kind of paints Bob used to be weather proof?

  3. Am trying to decide if it's raining on the roof of the sun room?! Am also sure that Bob is using very waterproof markers!

  4. Yes it was raining, and dull outside- earlier it had been dry and bright and he couldn't see the image from the projector clearly. He thought he'd have to wait till late evening - but then it clouded over.
    Bob is using genuine Sharpie Markers [in various nib thicknesses] These have proved to be brilliant and weatherproof thus far! But the first outlines were drawn in pencil in case of error!
    Sharpies available at Staples and other good stationers.

  5. That wasn't rain - that was a full-blown hailstorm. Very noisy!


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