Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Longing For A Holiday

Thirty four days and counting…

HATCHED pembroke coast1

pembroke cnpa_60th_logo3Not that we are going to Pembrokeshire- it will be Cornerstones as usual – but I do like the poster above, designed by Hatched – part of a recent series commissioned by PCNP to celebrate their 60 year anniversary.

HATCHED pembroke coast1aHATCHED pembroke coast2HATCHED pembroke coast3

Hatched is a relatively small ad agency – but they do produce some lovely stuff. Check out their website to see more.


  1. Oh, you SHOULD have a holiday right away. I'm glad you will!
    We have our fourth of July celebrations tomorrow. We will just enjoy the quiet, I think!

  2. I love them too - the colours are just gorgeous xx

  3. 17 days for me....and counting!What pretty posters. Is Cornerstones your second home?Have a good week, Ang.

  4. What beautiful posters. Isn't it lovely to think that there's a holiday looming?! Jx

  5. I'm counting the days down too. 12 more working days. 24 more ironed shirts : )

    Then no school until September : )

  6. They are lovely! I will be spending my summer holiday Pembrokeshire- I live there! ;-) x


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