Monday, 16 July 2012

The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders!

[well, mostly it is on my hips] Last year, we both dieted [the GP told me to] and I lost over a stone and have kept that weight off ever since. But I know I am not at my ‘correct’ target weight and my BMI is still too high. On August 17th I am going to a wedding. I’ve done something I have never done before- I bought a dress that is slightly too small, with the intention of slimming into it [It was a beautiful Boden, going for a song in the Hospice Shop!]

The BBC Website had a feature on the Global Fat Index.

diet - lebanese womanAccording to their statistics, with my current weight and age, I am most like a woman from the Lebanon.

I Googled and found this lady, who is a potato picker.

By the start of holiday club, in two weeks time, I am aiming for a few pounds lighter, which would make me most like a typical lady from Bangladeshdiet bangladeshi woman.

So I Googled that one, and found this lady who is a Doctor. She looks a little slimmer, and a little more elegant.

[Mind you, saris are very forgiving garments- as an Asian lady once told me “We can always get into our wedding dresses, however long we have been married, and however much weight we put on!]

My target weight for fitting the dress by the time of the wedding puts me into the category of woman from Brazil.

diet brazilian

Now I had a little more trouble finding a picture of the average lady from Rio! My wedding outfit will not look anything like this!

This dancer is certainly a lot slimmer than the Lebanese Potato Picker.

But even that weight leaves my BMI in the ‘overweight’ category.

To be in the category the NHS considers ‘healthy weight’,apparently I need to be typical of a Burmese diet suu kyifemale.

When you Google ‘Burmese woman’, unsurprisingly, you get Aung San Suu Kyi.

At which point I realise that actually, I would rather aspire to have the grace, and patience, and wisdom of this lady – and leave the diet to worry about itself.

This woman’s beauty definitely comes from her inner spirit, and not from cosmetics or clothing.

But I am avoiding biscuits!


  1. Good luck with shifting the few pounds Ang. My exercise regime will begin again once I return home. We were gifted a recumbant exercise cycle by one of J's colleagues a few weeks ago - no saddle soreness from one of those which is a blessing when cycling as far as I do!

  2. Oh, Angela! Thank you for a good laugh and some firm perspective this morning. The scale has crept up two or three pounds here, too. I am swearing off any sugar whatsoever once again. GI thinking again. Two exercise go arounds each day instead of one, maybe. Hmmmm. More coffee first.

  3. Oh Ang, what a beautiful post! Beautiful women! I saw that article on the Beeb and deliberately avoided it - I just don't want to know... As I said in my post, I have lost weight and also become a lot more fit, and that's good enough for me to be going on with - I don't want to compare myself to other people. You're a real inspiration, though! Both of us are at ages where most women put it on, not take it off, so I think we're both doing OK. I have to buy an outfit for a wedding, too - my father's!!!!!!


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