Monday, 16 July 2012

One Is Greatly Relieved

In the Jubilee Issue of Tatler, there is a special article about The Queen, and the things most people do not know about her.

tatler jubilee

And it appears that the Queen is not fond of gardening either.  Mind you, digging can't be easy in an outfit like this.

queen gardening in hat

HM does have the advantage of specialist paid staff to cut the lawns and pull the weeds and grow the potatoes, which I do not. [We are very grateful to my brother for mowing the Cornerstones grass for us recently]

I feel better about my lack of green fingers now. I am in good company! [Why do people in the USA have green thumbs?]


  1. Such a pretty mag cover - and I don't even like corgis, in theory! I think that if you don't notice plants, you won't be able to garden. When I was overworked, back in the UK my houseplants used to die. Stage 1 was not noticing them suffering. Stage 2 was noticing them but not having the energy to do anything about them. Stage 3 was actually feeling inclinded to do something... That's how my fingers became green! And BTW, I liked your undies joke!

  2. If I could afford one luxury it would be one gardener! Still I can dream!

  3. I don't seem to have green fingers either. My dad on the other hand seems to able to grow vegetables to die for in even the worst possible conditions. I'm wondering if the gardening gene skips a generation and my babies are going to be fantastic farmers lol
    x x x

  4. Here in Canada we have blue fingers..oh no, wait...that's just in the winter!
    Jane x

  5. Another colloquial conundrum ... and not all of us in the US have green thumbs!


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