Friday, 20 July 2012

Get The Skinny

definition: [slang] to get the accurate information

It keeps raining. I want to wear my knee length boots, but cannot tuck my jeans tidily inside them. I need a pair of skinny jeans. But I refuse to buy any [even the £10 ‘Angel’ ones in M&S sale this week] I modified an old pair of bootcut ones [donated by Steph when she was a student working Saturdays in Selfridges Bodymetrics Department ] This is how to turn your jeans into skinnies…

First of all, put on your jeans inside out, and pin down the outside of each leg till it is a snug fit. Remove jeans carefully, and tack the line of pins. Try jeans on again [still inside out] If you are happy with the new seam positions, machine them, and cut off surplus. Finish the raw edges with zigzag stitching.

On the left you see the jeans with the surplus folded back – it is important to make the seamline smooth [as on left leg] not angled [as the right] or you will end up with a ‘jodphur’ look.


Old bootcut jeans to new skinny onesDSCF4182



This took me less than an hour – I was watching TV at the time [and dashed upstairs to sew the seams during the advert break!]

It feels odd trying them on inside out when you have tacked the seam – but I realised it is the only way to do it – there is so much surplus fabric in the calf section that you cannot put them on the right way round – and obviously it is not a good idea to cut the fabric away before the fitting.

“Measure twice, cut once” as my Grandad, a carpenter, frequently said.


  1. Ohhhh I'm popping this post in my faverites list for once I'm back in jeans! I really like the skinny jeans look but not the prices. I've never been a fan of shoes I'm more a boots kinda girl so this is fabulous!
    x x x

    1. It won't be long now till you are out of Maternity Wear and back into your regular clothes

  2. They look brilliant - what an excellent idea. Linda xxx

  3. Oh, I love this....dare I try it?
    Jane x

    1. Of course you can, Jane, you'd look great in skinny jeans.

  4. Jane would look great in skinny on the other hand............NO!!!!!

    Well done Angela, great money saver...

    Gill in Canada

  5. My sister and I used to do this as teenagers. We had flares to contend with then though! It worked perfectly and you could adapt to your own personal requirements.

  6. You are so smart and accomplish so much!

  7. Gorgeous- jeans and wearer. I bought a pattern for skirt(s) when away. Feeling more optimistic than confident on that day, obviously! That's on the list with the Roman blind now. And the sock stuff I bought, also with birthday money, now brings knitting/crochet projects to four. This should only be three, but finishing crochet wallet requires sewing- so it straddles two lists. I need some of those Marta Stewart labels!!


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