Thursday, 19 July 2012

Round And Round

So I had a comment from Anne, and I replied, then she replied, then I sent her a small gift, and then the postman brought this…


Inside, a parcel wrapped in blue tissue and a pretty card – I love the crochet cord and floral embellishment!


Inside the tissue, a fabulously retro coloured doyley


Now it is the centrepiece under my bowl of plums and nectarines


Thanks, Anne – it is gorgeous!! [I pinned the crochet flower on my dress this morning, and got some lovely compliments from friends at the Coffee Drop In] The amber glass bowl cost £1 in the Age UK shop.

I will learn to crochet circles. Still stuck on Granny Squares [Mags, I’ll be coming to Belfast in August for another Hookers’ Tutorial!!]


  1. So glad you liked it and that you put the little flower to good use. (It's dead easy to go round in circles - I do it all the time!) You're very welcome, Angela. x

  2. What a very pretty gift to receive.

  3. VERY pretty! I want to go to Belfast, too!

  4. It's perfect under your lovely fruit bowl.

    P.S. In response to Nana's comment above, I must append a favourite Austen quote:

    "The Miss Beauforts were soon satisfied with ‘the Circle in which they moved in Sanditon,’ to use a proper phrase, for every body must now ‘move in a Circle,’ to the prevalence of which rotatory Motion, is perhaps to be attributed the Giddiness and false steps of many."

    (from Sanditon)


  5. What a lovely surprise gift - I do like a nice bit of crochet.
    Thank you for dropping in - I too have a fondness for the Archers (is it a childhood thing - I have listened to it all my life). When I lived in London I used to go the home of Hugh Dickson for dinner - he played Guy Pemberton (if you go that far back!). I have just spent five minutes looking him up on Google after all these years.
    Small claim to fame is that I have got 'Jack Woolley's autograph!
    Thank you again
    Best wishes

  6. Night for English hookers is already being organised! Will run alongside jamming session uner the high tower!


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