Saturday, 7 July 2012

Walking In The Light

I love light – pretty Christmas lights whether in the home or in the street, the summer Candlelight Nights in Bournemouth [I was taken as a child, then took my children to see these magical illuminations – here] Advent wreaths, torchlight processions, star-gazing, watching the Perseids meteor shower every August, sparklers and birthday candles, laser shows, stage lighting effects and firework displays…

I have fabulous memories of watching huge pyrotechnic events at Epcot 2002 [with Bob, Paul and Kathryn] and Budapest 2005 [with Liz]


For a brilliant firework display over Chicago, watch the very end of the credits for this film. I was the last person left in the cinema watching the credits and was left utterly speechless. My family thought I had made it up about the fireworks, but I’ve found proof here that it wasn’t imagined!

Mags posted last Sunday about an amazing light and sound experience she enjoyed in Belfast – and then added a clip of the Rend Collective’s song Praise Like Fireworks.

Such a joyful crowd!

You've given us a heart, given us a home with you

I lift my voice to praise you

My concrete heart won't stop me

I'll sing like it's the first time

And leave behind the cynic in my soul

We're letting praise like fireworks

Loose from our thankful hearts

We're bringing you our praise, bringing all our lives to you

Through joy and pain we worship

Your strength will never fail us

We're not lost in the darkness

You are here

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light


  1. I love the words to that song!
    I have fond memories of the Guy Fawkes firework show we shared...the fizzy ones have yet to be beaten!!
    Jane x

  2. We were witness to great displays of fireworks on Wednesday night, and they were quite grand. There's something majestic about them. I think my favorite lights are outdoor Christmas lights--it's cold and the days are short, but still there's light shining in the darkness. Lovely!



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