Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just One Cornetto…

this ad is SO old!!

Saw this idea on various internet sites, and as the cones and the choc topping were both on offer, I wanted to have a go.

Take some wafer cornets, some ice cream and some chocolate ice cream topping [the sort that ‘sets’ and ‘crackles’] Optional – sprinkles, chopped nuts, soft fruits. You also need something to support the ices as they freeze. I used an old cylindrical Tupperware box. Important before you start, make sure you have room in your freezer to store the box. On my first attempt [with chopped nut topping] when I pushed the freezer drawer shut, the frozen peas slipped and pushed the paper over, disturbing the top of the ices!

These photos are therefore a mixture of attempt #1 and attempt #2


Now roll some foil into a sort of swastika shape as a support


Line each cone with some chocolate, then roll it in baking parchment


Balance each rolled cone in a glass, soften some ice cream in a bowl


Optional - Chop up some strawberries and beat into the ice cream


Scoop into the cones, making sure you overfill by about 1”DSCF4180DSCF4181

Cover with more chocolate topping, and then put some sprinkles or chopped nuts on the top.


Now put your cones into a tub, supported by the foil. Put into the freezer for an hour or more.

This is one from the first attempt, with the dodgy and disturbed top.

The pink sprinkle tops were much more successful.


DSCF4192Peel off the paper before serving, and voila, home-made Cornettos.

In some parts of the world, they call them Drumsticks [that’s weird!]

Bob will have to eat this experiment. I am trying to lose weight! Sainsbury’s Basics Choc cones cost 20p each. Was it worth the effort of making my own?sainsburysbasics


  1. That looks SO good! All we need now is some warm summer weather... Jx

  2. Indeed we do! Bob ate his cornetto in the lounge watching the driving rain through the window!

  3. Depends on the quality of the Sainsbury's ones - I would think that yours are better! You know what is in them, and you can vary the flavourings to suit your family, too. Lovely idea - thanks for sharing xx

  4. That would be a fun activity with children, messy , but fun!
    Jane x

  5. Your treats look delicious, and I'm sure they are better than the grocery store variety. I just bought some Drumsticks (America) yesterday from the Schwan Man (he delivers frozen foods to the country). I would probably never make them myself, but I like them. We'd be glad to share some of our extreme heat with you!


  6. Makes me want one now! Having a "cooler" day here in Texas, though-it's only 90F!


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