Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lord Of The Five Rings?

I really shouldn’t play around with anagrams as much as I do. But the latest fiascos regarding certain events in London this summer, coupled with Mrs Tightwad’s Declaration that she will be living in a “Cosy Limp Free Home” during July, have left me doodling.


I am now wondering if Theresa May [she of the exotic wardrobe] is being held in thrall to



I am trying hard not to be anxious about Liz, Jon, Steph and Mark as they negotiate the new restricted traffic lanes on their bicycles.

I trust the four of them – it is the other confused road users I worry about! The slogan THINK BIKE has a whole new meaning now.



  1. I like the idea of a Cosy Limp Free Home. (She won't get in any trouble for that, will she? Do they also own the rights to all the letters in the forbidden words regardless of the order used?)

  2. No, surely COLD ROE cannot own the rights to the alphabet can he?


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