Sunday, 8 July 2012

Knit Wit

woolsSo I was talking to my friend Margaret about the Sailors’ Society hats. And she asked a very intelligent question.

What ply wool do you use?

plywoodUnfortunately what Bob heard was

What ply WOOD do you use?

I suppose a wooden hat for a sailor would at least float if it blew into the ocean!

Did you know that John the Baptist was fond of knitting? In the King James Version, John 3:30 says

He must increase, but I must decrease.


  1. Ha Ha Ha!on both counts!!Watching Wallander but not much to laugh about there. Thanks, Angela. Have a good week. x

    1. I have recorded Wallander to watch whilst ironing!

  2. Funny, ha ha! Gave me a smile

  3. Oh! Another family favorite -- John 3:30 -- my husband's life verse.

  4. LOL :-) Good one!


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