Sunday, 1 July 2012

In A Little While…

We are in the middle of a sermon series about Heaven at the minute. Some of it is quite controversial stuff! Much discussion over the after-church coffee.

All week I have been humming this song to myself…

What a day today has been.
Then I stumbled through the door,
Dropping junk mail on the floor.
When will this day end?
But then your letter caught my eye,
Brought the hope in me to life,
'Cause you know me very well,
And I bet you wrote me just to tell me,

In a little while,
We'll be with the Father;
Can't you see Him smile? In a little while,
We'll be home forever,
In a while....
We're just here to learn to love Him;
We'll be home in just a little while.

Boy, that letter hit the spot--
Made me think of all I've got,
And all that waits for me.
Guess I've known it all day long;
Wonder where my thoughts went wrong.
When will my heart believe?

Days like these are just a test of our will.
Will we walk or will we fall?
Well, I can almost see the top of the hill,
And I believe it's worth it all.
In a little while, we'll be with the Father;

In a little while, we'll be home forever


  1. Thanks for reminding me of Amy Grant. I have a friend who I was at uni with who shared a lot of her music with me, including tapes of Amy Grant songs amongst others, but I have none of my own now, so it was nice to have a blast of it this morning - and I remember this song well xxx

  2. As soon as I saw the title for this post in my reader I was humming that song!

    I am now curious as to what you are saying about heaven that is controversial.

  3. I was listening to Radio Scotland first thing this morning and a Jesuit Priest from Edinburgh was sermonning (is that a word?!) on hospitality. He was telling the parable of Abraham and Sarah and how, after Jesus and his Disciples had been fed and watered and had their feet washed, Sarah was told that in a year she would have a child, even though she was past child-bearing age and was 'old and worn-out'. All I want to know is, what happened? I suppose I could go and read the Book of Genesis to find out for myself but you're talking to a complete non-believer here (so far!)ergo no Bible in this house! Love your song.

  4. I didn't hear this programme - but it sounds like two stories muddled together.
    Jesus did wash the feet of his disciples at the Last supper - and told them they should serve each other [New Testament John 13]
    Then in Genesis 17 [old testament]
    Abraham and Sarah were travelling [with a tent] in the desert when 3 men/angels turned up. He showed them hospitality and gave them food, and they said "This time next year your wife will have a baby" Sarah overheard, and laughed, cos she was well past it.
    When her child WAS born the following year, she called him Isaac - which means 'laughter'

    Great story - get hold of a modern bible version [New International, or Good News Bible] and DO read it for yourself

    Hospitality is SO important. The book of Hebrews[New testament] says we should remember to show hospitality to strangers, as you might entertain an angel without knowing it!

    blessings xx

  5. Ah, you see, Angela, totally out of my depth here!lol Obviously I assumed that one of the three men was Jesus and that it was he who told Sarah about the baby.How little I know. I will read it for myself because I really liked the story. Thanks Ang - for explaining and for being so patient!Have a great week.x

    1. No problem - get back to me anytime if you have further questions!
      This website
      is brilliant if you want to read the bible online- you can look up all the different versions and translations.
      I use New International Version most - but read The Message for its fresh take on things. blessings x


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