Friday, 6 July 2012

For Clean And Country

“Mum, there will be a parcel arriving, addressed to me, but it is actually for you” said Liz. I was excited - but concerned she is spending her money on me. Needn’t have worried – this was a prize she’d won, and was passing on to me! A Limited Edition Dettol Handwash. I ranted about this product a couple of years ago. But hey, I am not going to turn down a freebie- so thanks Liz!


It arrived somewhat over packaged, with an explanatory letter and a lot of bubble wrap.

Once I had cut through the plastic and got the gadget out, I read through the instructions.

You have the option of the fancy Jubilee Union Jack Cover, or you can slide it off for a discreet white finish. I wish the label was only on one side of the bottle. I may peel it off! [Please note, switch the gadget off before you attempt to move it- I forgot and therefore got blobs of soap on the worktop!]



It does have quite a large ‘footprint’ – and I can see that Liz would not have space in her kitchen [it is now standing on my windowsill in place of the previous ‘ordinary’ liquid soap container]

Bob described it as ‘spectacularly ugly’, and I think it is quite large. The cucumber fragranced soap is quite pleasant though. It will be interesting to see

  1. how long the batteries last
  2. how long the soap lasts

The refill holds 250ml and currently costs around £3 [as opposed to 59p for 500ml of Aldi handwash or 38p for 500ml of Sainsbury’s Basics – which I don’t like very much] Maybe I will be able to top up the empty container with cheaper liquid? The ‘Jubilee’ dispenser is available on offer for £8 in Morrisons – but if you just want a plain white one, they are currently half price [£5.99] in Sainsbury’s.

It’s a long way from the bar of red Lifebuoy that used to sit by my Nan’s sink when I was a child.


And Grandad used to joke “Can I stroke your Palmolive?”

and she would reply “Not on your Lifebuoy!”


  1. We like to use diluted liquid castile soap in a recycled pump bottle. Since it's diluted, we use less soap per pump - and no need to wet our hands first since the water's already in the mix.

    I'm interested to see how long your behemoth will last. :)

    1. Oooh! thanks for using that wonderful word Behemoth in the comment.
      Allegedly Castile soap can be traced back to the Crusaders who brought it back from The Levant.

  2. Hang on, I'm missing something. Is the battery to pump the soap,or is the dispenser touch free and the battery powers a sensor?
    If it falls in the sink and gets wet that goodbye battery? I'm too cheap to buy batteries for a soap dispenser!
    Jane x

  3. The dispenser is touch free and the battery powers both the sensor AND the pump. It is quite heavy and battery well enclosed, so I do not think it will fall into the sink. But I suspect after one set of batteries this gadget may end up in a charity shop!

  4. The pump is quite pricey, for that price i guess i will stick to using my manual pump. Haven't seen a bar of lifebuoy since primary school and i hated the smell but palmolive i loved but not as much as lux soap


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