Monday, 30 July 2012

On Your Marks…

  • Scripture Union provided the material we’re using
  • The banner is hanging at the front of the church
  • Genesis have supplied some great teeshirts
  • Church members have collected hundreds of cartons and CDs
  • Bob has installed all the new stage lights
  • Ann has done loads of administration
  • Betty and co have cut out thousands of silver leaves
  • Jan and co have sorted the week’s meals for Bob and myself
  • Hayley has prepared her Task Force [depsite her recent op]
  • Martin and Kim have come in specially to help post-op Hayley
  • Group Leaders have planned how to decorate their rooms
  • Parents have been booking in kids [right to the last minute!]
  • The bouncy castle man is all ready for Thursday night
  • David has installed a safety rail on the slope by the side door
  • Everyone is being incredibly helpful and co-operative
  • People all over the world have said they are praying [thanks]
  • I’ve got all the crafts and worksheets sorted for the week
  • and Bob has done almost everything else you can think of



So, by the grace of God, Holiday Bible Club begins this morning

On your marks…get set…go!


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