Saturday, 21 July 2012

Make A Note Of It


I used to have an untidy overloaded pinboard in the kitchen – but over three years ago I took it down and replaced it with a Keep Calm poster.

Although I have tried to reduce the bits of paper/coupons/lists/etc that float around the worktops I have realised that I do need two accessible lists.

1-a place to list any shopping needs

2-somewhere to leave notes for Bob

It is easy to start the last packet of coffee, and forget to get another. And if I am at school all day, or with the girls, it is always helpful to Bob if I leave him a note of food which is available.

[In June I left some chocolates with a note “You may eat 75% of these” ] In Staples recently I spotted exactly what I needed.


Some labels from the Martha Stewart Home Office Range. They are dry-erase labels, and are postcard size. That is quite large enough! I have put them inside the main kitchen cupboard where we keep the plates and bowls.

I have used some Velcro to attach a pen alongside, and now I have a tidy, unobtrusive way of making my notes.

Keep Calm, Keep Tidy!



I have been supporting the Keep Calm Campaign – as I do not believe that one man has the right to trademark this slogan as his own. My blogpost of 5th January 2009 has even gone to Brussels as part of their ‘pre-trademark’ evidence of Keep Calm Activity, for the EU Trademark Office ruling this summer. I like the original poster – but I admit I am beginning to feel it is getting rather over-used lately with some silly modifications.


  1. The story of the original poster is so interesting. Cheers

  2. The Keep Calm and Carry On is just so British, and I love it. I would love a big poster of that. I do have a cross stitch pattern I could do, one day!!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Saw a mug that I didn't buy at Land's End- Don't tell me to keep calm. Alan pointed it out to me... (Love and adore your new profile picture!)

  4. Wow. Had no idea. Ridiculous. We bought our poster from Barter Books ages ago. I have taken it to work now as am a bit sick of seeing all the extra keep calm stuff all over the place.


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