Monday, 9 July 2012

Like Brands. Only Cheaper!


We are quite fond of shopping in Aldi. They have some good stuff in there [some of it is not quite as good – but you quickly discover which items aren’t to your taste]

We still prefer Sainsbury’s Red Label Fairtrade Tea – but I always smile at this Aldi ad – voted the most popular TV ad of 2011 [The Aldi Nuns are fun too!]

I prefer tea to gin!

But this post is to mention that after strenuous scientific testing [Bob and I forced ourselves to eat through two packets] we believe that the Aldi version of the ‘Tunnocks Caramel Wafer’ is just as good, 50p per 8-pack cheaper and contains 5 fewer calories per bar!


They make 5,000,000 Tunnocks every week. But I shall be buying the Aldi version from now on when I can [Sorry, Mr Tunnock]


I paid 99p for an 8-pack in Aldi, and £1.49 for 8 Tunnocks in Sainsburys. What is your favourite Aldi ‘Cloned’ Product?


  1. We enjoy the Mister Choc clone of Twix better than Twix bars.
    Love from Mum

  2. Their cheese curls are a wonderful copy of Quavers, so yummy, I can eat 10 bags in a I don't buy them too often for health reasons! :P

    An Aldi trolley is half the price of Tesco, love it. I do have to get a few items from elsewhere, but otherwise they've been a budget God-send to us.

  3. we have aldi's here in ky and tennessee

  4. I'll have to visit Aldi's now and see what delicious knockoffs I can find. (I must say, the bikkies are much better on your side of the pond!)

  5. Oh, Angela, I buy most things from Aldi, it's difficult to know what's best. Their packs of muesli, no added sugar, sliced Gouda, 1/4 ball Edam, face cream, shiny moisturiser, I could go on and on. I buy their Cava. I am just a fan, mainly because it saves me money, time and I just can't be bothered to go into ASDA unless it is for something specific. With it being so small, you get to know the staff.

    The other day I was in Carphone Warehouse in the local town and a lovely young man came up to me and said "I know you, I worked in ALDI". I did remember him, a bright young handsome man. That is a bonus (at my great age)

  6. Oh yes, also the digestive biscuits are great too, and husband prefers their (better range) beans to any of the other brands.

  7. Their chocolate digestives are amazing - much better than the leading brand as the base is crisper, and they only cost 59p per good sized pack.

  8. At one store the aldi version is 0.26 and another its 0.81 :/


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