Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bags more fun

The dining room is now full of bits of cut up tarpaulin, as I'm making the covers for Bob's PA gear. Still waiting for my nylon from PointNorth to arrive, so that's delaying things a bit - but I have begun construction.

Bob is concerned about Health and Safety [or "Ef an Saty" as one of my pupils once wrote!] and has purchased some heavy ribbed rubber matting to put over cables, thus protecting the cables and preventing a Trip Hazard.


He cut the strip [10 metres] into 3 more manageable lengths and stenciled them with his logo. I used some leftover tarp to make three carry bags.

The bags are longer than the rolled strip [to give you something to get hold of] and I put a casing with a drawstring round the top.

My friend Debbie kindly donated 3 net bags - the sort which come with washing tablets - and I dismantled them.

The cord was just long enough to make the drawstring and the little blue foam bead holds the cord tight when it is pulled up.



Such thriftiness! I am, of course, keeping the three 'unstrung' net bags now, because I am sure that I will eventually find a use for them. A couple of years ago,Debbie gave me a dozen which I sprayed with gold paint and filled with chocolates as "Christmas Favours".

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