Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Thrifty puddings

IM002778 One of my favourite activities when on holiday abroad is to wander the food aisles of foreign supermarkets and see what there is - and then bring a packet or two back with me.

This Tiramisu came back from Budapest - 3 years ago!

I had been saving it for 'a special occasion'. This had not materialised and according to the date on the top of the pack, my pudding had definitely exceeded its 'best before' [by over a year!]. Also languishing in the cupboard was a large sponge flan base, which should have been used up before the holiday. So I cut some circles of sponge with a pastry cutter, soaked them in leftover coffee, and topped with the pudding and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. This filled 6 ramekins [2 for tea and 4 to freeze]

HOWEVER there was still half a flan base left. Aha! Queen's Pudding, I thought. So I made the sponge into crumbs and filled 6 more small dishes and using some milk and two eggs, made custard and meringue. No raspberry jam to hand, but there WAS half a jar of cranberry sauce lurking in the frIM002779idge.

So that's 12 puddings, made using up my existing resources. Feeling extremely thrifty.

My Hungarian is not very good though.

I did work out that I needed to add 300ml milk [tej] and whip for 2 minutes [percig] with an electric mixer,  and sprinkle with cocoa powder [kakaoporral] from the helpful pictures.

But what on earth does "Fozes Nelkul!" mean?

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