Saturday, 27 September 2008

Genesis 8:22





Tomorrow is Harvest Thanksgiving,so I spent a pleasant morning in the chapel with Barbara, our efficient Flower Steward, receiving the baskets of flowers which various members had arranged. I think we had sixteen or seventeen in the end. I just photographed a few of them, but they were all splendid.

After Sunday's services, they will be distributed to sick or housebound friends in the village.

In my Norfolk childhood, Harvest meant the chapel was festooned with sheaves of wheat, mega-marrows, and neat heaps of apples and scrubbed potatoes. Listen to John Betjeman's wonderful poem about the Church Mouse. Our display now is just flowers, and tomorrow children will bring cans of food for The Centre Project. The kids understand food from supermarkets, cans of soup and packets of biscuits - they are not quite sure about farmers with combine harvesters and baler twine!

Maybe it isn't the same as it was then - but Harvest Thanksgiving is still a valid reminder of God's continued goodness to us, and our need to share His Blessings with others.

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