Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I've got things covered!

Yesterday was an incredibly long day! Up just after 5am [ugh!] in order to get Bob to the Bus Station in Leicester so he could get a coach to London for this show - which claims to be "the leading showcase for new technology within the entertainment, live event, corporate, architectural and installation industries worldwide"


No doubt Bob will blog all about his wonderful day, and meeting up with my brother [Adrian] and niece [Lucy] and getting lots of freebies...

Meanwhile I stayed in with a sick dog [poor Charlie spent most of day in a somnolent posture beside the TV] a sewing machine, and an electricity system prone to unexpected unpredictable outages.

I did at least get the PA covers almost finished.


























This was truly a labour of love. For anybody thinking of making speaker covers, I offer the following tips

  • Change your sewing machine needle for a heavyweight "jeans" one
  • Use 'sticky-backed' Velcro strips - but sew them down once you've got them stuck in the right place.
  • Be consistent with Velcro - always put 'soft' loops on 'fixed' part, and the 'hard' hooks on the 'moving' flaps.
  • The B&Q tarp fabric, combined with the adhesive on the Velcro keeps making the needle sticky - keep cleaning it!

PointNorth fabrics, who supplied the black coated nylon advise waterproofing seams, with PVA type adhesive.  I haven't done that bit yet.

The B&Q tarp is dark green one side, blue the other- but for some absurd reason, sheds a golden yellow dye. By the end of the evening my fingers were stained as much as someone with a forty-a-day smoking habit. This washed off my hands ok but has stained my sewing machine rather. I told Bob and he offered me some isopropyl alcohol - do I rub it on or drink it??

Static cling is a serious issue, compounded by the presence of a hairy dog - so I have been doing a lot of brushing off of dog hairs.

I was at least able to move the machine onto a small table in the lounge, so sewed away all day whilst watching Murder Mysteries on ITV3, then enjoyed the Hairy Bakers.

Finally went into the city at 9.30pm to collect Bob from coach and hear the story of his day,then stayed up till gone midnight, when Marion [Adrian's wife] and Sarah [good friend] arrived, having been at Birmingham NIA for a Stevie Wonder Concert.

More tea and conversation, then bed around 1.30am.                  

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