Saturday, 20 September 2008

I love Leicester Market!

About 10 years ago, we went to the wonderful Tea Rooms in Masham for the first time masham- and had some splendid Tea Cakes. But I was really taken with their PVC tablecloths - which had a lovely  "Plants of The Bible" print. We asked, and were told where the fabric came from [about 5 miles up the road] So since then, I've had Bible Plants on my kitchen table too. So useful to be able to eat breakfast and improve bible knowledge at the same time.

IM002840 However the cloth has acquired a few indelible stains over the years, and I fancied a change. Having cleaned the floor today, I went off to Leicester Market and got a new length of cloth.

IM002841 Here's the old cloth. Please note Charlie sulking in the garden because he has been shut outside during floor cleaning!

New cloth is rather less spiritual, and dottier!

Yes it does look a bit like Cath Kidston cloth - but the woman cannot claim polka dots were her idea, can she?


I didn't feel like spending £18 for a metre when the nice man on the market has it for just £5.

I did request 2 sample swatches from the CK website recently, [and got sent 4 unexpectedly]

Not sure what I'll do with the swatches.

Her dots are spaced further IM002844apart, and the fabric is a bit pinker. I am very happy with the bright new look of my scarlet cloth.

I can feel waves of domesticity washing over me. I had better go and bake a cake! I did buy some plums on the market too, to make a plum crumble.


  1. I agree that the market is great - you can find some interesting stuff there. I visited recently during a stay at this Leicester Hotel, and managed to pick up a few great bargains!

  2. It is such a shame it change dits name thought - The Grand sounded much!!

    Glad you enjoyed your stay though. thanks for dropping by my blog.


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