Monday, 22 September 2008

Here's To You Mr Robinson!

robertrobinson One of the delights of Monday-Day-Off is listening to the 1.30pm Radio 4 Quiz together. So I read with interest this article about Robert Robinson in today's Times. I was sitting in a coffee shop with Bob at the time - and suddenly I squeaked loudly. There was a reference to the appearance of the Almond Family in Ask The Family!

Follow the link above to see the UTube clip. They are Bob's cousins, and back in the 1970's they WON the final. I think they got a music centre or something [The BBC never gave big prizes] At the time, I'd not been married very long, and the kids at school were well impressed that I had joined such an intellectual clan!

I am not sure many of today's families could manage some of the questions they asked in those days. Robert Robinson is 81 and sounds just the same as he did 30 years ago.


  1. I have to say how much I envy you BBC radio! We have National Public Radio here in the States, and it offers a lot of wonderful programs, but not nearly as many as the BBC. Sometimes I listen via the Internet, and there's so much to choose from.

    How fun to read about your family in the paper unexpectedly. Smart guys! Good genes!

    Take care, Frances

  2. I guess it's probably not wise to tell Bob that the family resemblance is evident?

    It all seems very quaint and middle class on the clip, even though I don't recall it feeling that way when I was a child. Did they ever have the Blogs family from Grotville Council estate? Mrs Blogs- a housewife, Mr Blogs an unemployed factory worker and their children Tracey (14) and Kevin (12)? Just wonder as I was one of those council estate urchins who happened to have a modicum of intelligence!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Frances - you should try BBC7 'Listen again' on the Internet - that has all the classic dramas and quiz programmes.

    Catriona, I agree with the comment about the quaint middle-class-ness of it all. The parents were always bank managers or teachers or librarians.


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