Monday, 15 September 2008

Fabulous Funday

It didn't rain - so the waterproof covers were not needed. And it wasn't windy, so the sandbags were unused too.But that is not important - we had a brilliant day! I got my picture taken with Cliff Richard


- well, no, it is Will chandler, the Cliff-as-if Tribute who came along to promote next month's concert.  Some very positive response to his performance today. But that was at about 2.30pm - by which time some of us had been there for 6½ hours!!

The team from the church were brilliant - I collected Nick at 7.45am and we met Bob at the site, and were joined almost immediately by the rest of the crew.

We spent ages setting up gazebos and putting the sound gear in place.IM002785 There was Dave's massive gazebo - three times the size of a normal one. The final stages of erecting that one require eight people [one at each leg] to lift it into place!

Then there was Paul's tent for the main sound desk, and my story tent [which began life as a plain gazebo but acquired pink and purple sides to make it a circus tent]


Everybody worked so incredibly hard - both with setting up and staffing the tents.IM002799

In the 'Churches Together' tent, Sue had prepared a Prayer Tree, for people to write prayers, and we had display panels showing the activities of the various churches. We also had FairTrade goods on sale, and a table of [free] craft activities for the children to paIM002791rticipate in.

Here's Betty next to the display boards, preparing bits for the Prayer Tree.

Round the other side of the village hall was Sound Desk Two, manned by Mike and Jon.

IM002793 Janice and I told Bible stories throughout the afternoon, but the take-up was nothing like as good as last year [eight children as opposed to forty] So maybe I'll give that a miss in 2009!

"Churches Together"  had also arranged to give away free cups of water.


This was much appreciated by people, especially mid-afternoon when it got quite warm. It was hard to persuade people it was free - parents also tried to pay for the kids craft stuff and even for the stories! IM002787 I had been very careful to put up a disclaimer ***Parents-  please note that these are all Bible stories but some may contain moderate violence***

I didn't want anyone complaining because David cuts off Goliath's head!

Members of the Parish Council, on the other hand, who were officially opening the new "Children's Play Facility" gave children large pairs of scissors, stood them 10 feet from the pink and blue ribbons, and shouted "Ready, Steady, Go!" Somebody there had not done their proper Risk Assessment!!

IM002817 Here is a picture of PC Karl, Jenny and Elaine - the three people who work hardest to arrange the day - watching the ribbon cutting.

Lots of people came, and as well as Cliff's spot, we had baton twirling, dancing, tug-of-war contests, and singing by some of the musicians froIM002808m church.

   At the end of the afternoon, we had a worship service, and I counted between 50 and 60 people standing round joining in the singing, which was really encouraging. Bob and Tom [the Rector] led that. Bob interview Jenny. Her teenage son Kris died in a motorcycle accident a few  years back, and since then she has worked tirelessly on behalf of the other young people  in the Village.                        IM002809         


Here are Ian, Lynda and Brian doing their bit.


We have some amazingly talented people around!







Please notice that Bob and I are both wearing matching "Welcome/Back to Church Sunday" T shirts!

That's next Sunday's special event.

Everybody was pleased with the day. Bizarrely a number of people were grateful to Bob, not just for the excellent sound system, but for also "Having a word with Him up there about Good Weather"

IM002819 IM002823









The kids loved the new swing, Karl was happy and a good time was had by all.


 IM002826At the end of the day, we took Nick home, and then collapsed with exhaustion. But we were both grateful to God for so many many answered prayers

  • all those people who helped with the stands - putting up, staffing, and taking down again!
  • the lovely weather
  • the positive reception for the 'Cliff as if..' stuff
  • the opportunity for Christian witness at a major community event
  • being able to show we were working at Churches TOGETHER
  • the chance to chat to people and strengthen friendships
  • for Brian leading the morning service at KMFC, enabling Bob to be free to set up properly.
  • everybody enjoyed the activities provided
  • nobody got hurt [not even when running with scissors!]
  • there was no need to test the waterproof quality of the PA Covers!
  • LOTS of friends stayed behind to load all the gear back into our cars and help us wind cables and move speakers.
  • did I mention the lovely weather??

One song we sang at the service was for the children, and two little girls came out and stood with me to do the actions - it is my favourite children's song this summer [even better than Boing!Boing!]

Our God is a great big God and He holds us in his hands

He's higher than a skyscraper and He's deeper than a submarine

He's wider than the universe, and beyond my wildest dreams

And He's known me, and He's loved me,

Since before the world began

How wonderful to be a part of God's Amazing Plan

Our God is a great big God and He holds us in his hands

Amen to that!!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great day! :)

  2. Ang,

    I was watching an old BBC drama where they had a village fair on Sunday and I thought of you all at the fun day. I am glad it went well and thanks for posting so many photos.

  3. It WAS a wonderful day!
    Elizabeth, sorry to hear from Gwen that your dental problems havce flared up again - hope and pray that they get sorted soon!
    Ang x


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