Tuesday, 2 September 2008

An Oeuf is as Good as a Feast!

I blogged earlier about my friend Jacquie's "Eglu" and her endeavours to emulate Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and keep chickens. Jacquie's had a busy summer, with her lovely daughter's wedding and everything - but "the girls" hIM002755ave been busy too, laying daily.

Last night at Knitting Group, Jacquie presented me with a gift when  I arrived - and I was egg-static when I opened it -


4 cute little eggs from the happy chickens! The eggs are slightly smaller than the ones I get in Sainsburys.


Here is a picture of an Eglu Egg, flanked by a JS Egg and a 50p. The choice of a 50p coin in the photo is significant - see below


Bob greatly enjoyed his eggs - IM002758

I think he was worried they might get cold whilst I was faffing about with the camera.

The yolks were beautifully golden, and the shells very strong [which is a sign of Happy Hens, Bob says]

Thankyou, Jacquie and The Girls for Brightening our Breakfast Time!

My Dad usually sang the following ditty before he ate boiled eggs for breakfast

Rule Britannia, no matter what you're paid

Eggs are never, never, never quite new laid!



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