Monday, 22 September 2008

Thirsting after God

Great sermon last night, on Psalm 42. john mills Bob explained the Hebrew word "Nephesh" -usually translated "soul" really means neck, or throat [the Hebrews loved assigning characteristics/qualities to parts of the body] and spoke about thirst, and thirsting after God. According to Bob [and I think I agree] one of the best illustrations of thirst being quenched is that final scene in "Ice Cold in Alex" where John Mills drinks his Carlsberg.

johnmills2 Bob also referred to the film "In Which We Serve" - another John Mills classic - where some of them end up in the life raft after their ship is torpedoed. One thirsty sailor foolishly drinks sea-water, which does not slake his thirst, but simply drives him mad. So often we think that the world can satisfy our deepest desires, but the more we drink of its pleasures, the less satisfaction we find. It was a goodsermon, and reminded me that when I was really tiny in Sunday School, we used to sing

I am feeding on the living bread

I am drinking at the fountain head

and whose drinketh, Jesus said

Shall never, never thirst again.


  1. Lovely post! I think I'd enjoy listening to Bob preach. I like a minister who illustrates his sermons with beer-drinking scenes from the movies!

    So true that the more we drink of the world's pleasures, the less satisfaction we find. Hard lesson to learn, isn't it?

  2. You sould have been here for his sermon series on the Simpsons! [Bart looks at Prayer, Homer looks at temptation...] They were great fun - and Terribly Sound and Biblical as well, of course


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