Tuesday 16 September 2008

Easy and Greedy

When I got home from Knitting Group last night, Bob looked up hopefully, and said "Did you get my text?" - only I hadn't noticed it [we are a Very Noisy Group and so I didn't hear the bleep] It had said "Any chance of a cake for supper?" No wonder he looked disappointed!

Felt a bit guilty then and offered to go back out for chips or something. He declined, but this morning I made a cake - using another of my hoarded French Supermarket purchases [Lille, February 2008 - this packet had NOT  expired!]

IM002837 According to BabelFish, "facile et gourmand" means "Easy and Greedy"

I have to report the chocolate fondant cake was very easy to make - and is rather delicious. We had one eighth each for pudding at lunchtime, and we will have to be strict with ourselves, as it would be too easy to be greedy and eat it all up too quickly! It was only after I had carefully lined the cake tin [with one of my Lakeland Silicon Paper Circles] that I realised that "Avec une feuille de papier sulfurise" meant "that crumpled up bit of paper in the bottom of the carton is for you, to cut a circle from, to line your tin with"

The inside is really gooey and chocolatey...


  1. I just love that your husband texted you about cake. That's my kind of man!

    I also enjoyed seeing a picture of French cake mix. Why do boxes of food from other countries look as though they're pretend food, the sort you get when you're little with your EZ Bake oven? Very odd ...


  2. We don't have EZ bake ovens over here- they sound such fun! And I totally agree with you about foreign food packaging.I just LOVE the colourful tins that olives and sardines come in, from Greece and Spain. I cherish a beautifully retro "Clabbergirl" Cornstarch can I brought back from Vermont, and a lovely brown and cream Belgian Cocoa tin.
    thanks for dropping by


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