Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Situation Vacant

chapel inside Someone out there is the Right Person to be our Associate Minister. I really believe that. I just wish we could find that person, the search seems to be taking forever. Should I suggest to the deacons that we look to this site?


  1. Things are changing here in our parish too. The DRE's contract wasn't renewed and the priest is going to do it. We also got a new curriculum as well. Nothing is ready for Sunday School on the 14th, but the class lists. We usually have a Dear Parents letter, Sunday School Calendar, Class Rules, and Prayer Book all ready to give to our students. Since most of the kids have been coming for years I think we can get by and the other stuff can follow soon.

  2. What's a DRE???

    Hope everything goes OK on Sunday
    I like the idea of Class Rules - perhaps we should introduce that, some of our children can be a little...challenging!


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