Thursday, 25 September 2008

Can't go over it, can't go under it...

The Year Ones at school are busy writing adventure stories.


If I have to read "Going on a Bear Hunt" any more this month I may explode! It is a wonderful book and has great pictures and lots of opportunity for expressive reading - but it gets a little monotonous after a while!

Today as part of literacy we went round outside, looking at things in the playground and deciding how they could be 'transformed' for our story. The children took notes on their clipboards.

I was in charge of the camera and the children told me what to photograph. Back inside we connected it to the PC and added captions to the pictures. The PE Shed became "The Haunted House". A drain cover was "The Secret Entrance to the Castle Dungeon. A car tyre was "A Giant's Magic Wedding Ring". As you may have gathered, I am not related to David Bailey and my camera skills are not brilliant- and one of the little darlings helpfully pointed out "Ooh look Miss, that's a picture of your foot!" Thankfully they could not come up with a gruesome caption for that one.

Another class has begun a wall display, which presumably will be completed once they have written their stories. Thus far, for the past week, we have just had the title written up. It simply says


- and there is inadequate spacing between the first two words. Which has probably gone unnoticed by 99% of those walking past. But it catches my eye every time, and I think of the character in Genesis chapter 38 [and, I am afraid to admit, I also smile to myself, as I remember Dorothy Parker's canary!]chalice

After school, I took a Communion Service at the OAP Home [should have been Bob,but he is in Derbyshire] It all went well, but one lady, a Roman Catholic, was quite miffed that the wine was non-alcoholic! But she didn't seen at all bothered that the service was conducted by a non-Catholic, non-ordained, non-celibate, non-male!!!

Bob's enjoying his conference but I shall be glad when he is home again tomorrow.


  1. Great book activity you did! :)

    Some people I will never understand about their manners going to someone else's church. So sorry about the grump you had. If she is going to visit another church she better behave and abide to the rules. :)

  2. I guess we all get a little more cranky as we get old! It is all about finding it hard to accept change/things different from the pattern we are used to.
    At least she didn't get up and leave in a huff [and have one of your Hot Sauce Moments!]

  3. I think she had a little Hot Sauce Moments. LOL!


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