Saturday, 13 September 2008

My Chains Fell Off!

Today was the sponsored Ride'n'Stride for the Leicestershire Historic IM002780 Churches Trust. The church buildings were open from 10am - 4pm, and we waited to see who who come riding or striding by. The aim is to visit as many churches as you can and get sponsored and thus raise money for the LHCT.


Our first rider came at 10.12am, and our last at 3pm. IM002781 Various willing church members came throughout the day to sit with me at the reception table and offer light refreshments, and a welcome leaflet, while we signed their forms.

Most of the day was really quiet, with no visitors, so I was able to get lots of photocopying done, and work on the laptop and generally use my time profitably. It was the first opportunity we'd had to display the new Hope/Churches Together banner. St Barts up the road hung out the matching one.

IM002782 Here is Jon - a keen cyclist, [and son of Sue, who is our incredibly efficient Churches Together Secretary] posing in front of said banner.

Tomorrow the banners will be hung by our gazebos at the Funday.

The weather was good - hope it is the same tomorrow.


  1. Hope 08 is a UK nationwide initiative between the churches, and a group called Christian Publicity Organisation produce these banners - and will print your church logo on it. It ss excellent quality, and cost fifty pounds.


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