Friday, 5 September 2008


I am supposed to be doing admin and housework, but got totally distracted by the arrival of the post [doesn't take much to distract me from housework]IMG_0077

Some years ago,we had a youth worker called Alice. She had a boyfriend who was a full-time teacher, and part-time illusionist, and he used to put her in a box and cut her in half!

Reader, she married him...

Now her husband, Steve Price, has left school-teaching and established himself as a leading Christian illusionist, and they live in Surrey. Alice has recently begun working as a Youth Worker for Surrey County Council.steve price

Steve's doing brilliantly, his show is great - we had him to KMFC last October for our Alternative Halloween Event. 

Today's post brought a gift from Steve - a copy of his new DVD "Good News and Shiny Shoes"

So I stopped all the other less interesting tasks and settled down to enjoy the show.

I'd recommend Steve's act to anyone, he is really good  and combines professional illusions with good humour, and a clear gospel presentation. He is also very skilled at maintaining the interest of fidgetty children. You can get the DVD here for only £12. It would make a good Christmas present for somebody.

I must go and do some more housework before Bob returns from Pastoral Visiting.

Off to London after lunch to help Steph move out of her flat [and temporarily back in with Liz till somewhere else turns up]

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