Friday, 19 September 2008


It has been a hard week for a number of reasons - and our Scripture Union daily notes are continuing to plough through Job which doesn't help. We had a whole load of Job readings on holiday [whilst stuck in the tent in the pouring rain - didn't really lift my spirits much]

But there was one good thing this week - a child came up to me at school and logo1 said "I saw you at Champion's Challenge. You were running the Holiday Club" "Yes that's right" I replied.

"Can I tell you something, Miss?"

"Go on"

"Well, when I was a baby, I wasn't christened, cos my Dad said it was something I had to decide for myself when I got older. Well, I rang him up last night, and told him I wanted to be christened now. And he said I can be" And she skipped off down the path towards home.

I have no idea if the seeds were sown at Holiday Club, or if she has been going to her local Parish Church, or what - but I was so thrilled that she wanted to come and tell me.

One small positive thing like that can help make a lot of larger negative ones feel less significant.

I was working with another Supply Teacher today, a young NQT girl. She was on playground duty, so I offered to bring out a coffee for her "No thanks, I'm fasting" she said "Oh, it's Ramadan isn't it?" "Yes, so I can't eat or drink anything till 7.20pm tonight"

I don't think I could last twelve hours without even a glass of water, certainly not on a busy day of school teaching. Jesus took prayer and fasting very seriously though. Maybe it is time that we Western Christians rediscovered its benefits and blessings?


  1. I don't know how they fast in the Middle East with all that heat. I would pass out for sure.

  2. Great news about the girl who wants to be christened, and I'm sure your NQT appreciates your respect and interest. I always feel there's a lot to learn from those of other faiths, especially the sincerity with which they enter into such disciplines as fasting.

  3. Thanks for the comments - I agree that it IS important to show respect - and I admire her sincerity, as well as her openness about WHY she wasn't drinking/eating.


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