Sunday 19 February 2012

All You Need Is…


This afternoon I was out preaching at the URC in a nearby village. They have a regular afternoon service for the pensioners.

I don’t normally get publicity like this though!


I had been given the Valentine Theme, so I spoke [not surprisingly] about God’s love, and quoted verses from Romans 8, Isaiah 49, and 1 John 4. I asked how many folk present had received a Valentine last Tuesday. Out of the 36 OAPs present, four put up their hands.


After the service we went through for the tea, and I stood at the door and gave everybody a Valentine to take home.

I happened to have [don’t ask – long story] a load of foamboard hearts, so on Saturday, I had made some ‘Valentines’. I printed out the Bible verses on labels, punched out some hearts [from a colourful old Boden catalogue] and produced about 50. They were red one side, white the other, and had a verse on each side and I strung them on gold cord.


The people were incredibly grateful – one gentleman said it was the first he had ever received [despite being married for 50 years] Another lady said she so missed Valentines since her husband died, and her sons didn’t send her any! Other people asked for spares to take to absent friends and neighbours. They hung them on their buttons, their bags, and their Zimmer frames!

The church ladies had prepared a Valentine themed tea – with hearts and rose petals on the pink tablecloths, and amazing folded napkins.


I love the church china, it is Midwinter Siena [wonderfully retro!]

The refreshments were cupcakes, and little dishes of chocolate hearts.

Totally love themed.


All washed down with a good cup of Fairtrade Tea!

I hope the Senior Citizens enjoyed themselves as much as I did.


  1. What a wonderful afternoon. You are so thoughtful to have made Valentines for everyone. Small things make such a difference to people don't they? One evening last week KL helped an elderly lady cross the busy road where she gets off the bus.She carried the lady's shopping, linked her arm through hers and got her across the road safely. The lady was so grateful as she was struggling with her shopping and a stick, the light was fading and it's a really busy junction. As KL said when she got home ' Not all young people are bad are they Mum - that lady will know that now'. Ah, little things....

  2. lovely cakes xx and I love the little hearts you made - love froogs

  3. God's love shining through you.
    Jane x

  4. It sounds wonderful and I love the Valentines with verses.


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