Wednesday 29 February 2012

From Washington To Downing Street

I am quite enjoying Homeland on a Sunday evening [although I think the plot is moving rather slowly at the minute]


I read somewhere that President Obama enjoyed it when it was shown on American TV. The male lead is Damien Lewis – like Benedict Cumberbatch, he is yet another Old Etonian [but DL is 5 years older than BC so they probably weren’t schoolmates]

damien lewis

He has quite a long list of acting credits, on both sides of the pond. This week I have also listened to him on the Radio[on iPlayer as I cannot usually manage to hear Radio 4’s Afternoon play ‘live’] It has been series  five of ‘Number 10’ – in which he plays Simon Laity, a Tory Prime Minister. Where was I when series 1 – 4 went out? I’ve found this series clever,witty, poignant [and – as it is about MPs- very irritating in places]

How did I miss the earlier stuff?

Is anyone else watching Homeland? or listening to Number 10?

What do you think of them?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! We don't have a TV so we watch things online. I'll have to look for this one. (By the way, we both love BC in Sherlock - he's perfect. What a well-written series that is.)

  2. I'm watching 'Homeland' - it's going at just the correct pace for me to keep up!I think as it unfolds, the plot will definitely thicken and get more exciting. Didn't see what happened in last episode coming at all (no spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet).

    1. We are watching Homeland - though I haven't yet watched Sunday's episode (it's there waiting for me somewhere inside our TV at the press of a button) but I am enjoying it even if a bit gruesome in parts! xC

  3. The previous series of number 10 were equally wonderful, if you can find them on the radio 4 archive I do recommend.


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