Thursday 16 February 2012

Giveaway Update


There’s still time to enter the 2000th post Giveaway. Please comment on last week’s post [click herenot this one!

I have put together a small parcel of goodies which are all flat and postable, so that the giveaway can include international friends as well as UK ones. Some cookery booklets, a book of poems, a coffee coaster, some pretty postcards and a handmade beaded ‘book-thong’ to mark your place.

Last week I read a rather sniffy comment on another blog deriding people who ‘have so-called giveaways which are things they already have, and not new stuff’ If you think she is right, please don’t bother entering my giveaway! I would love to be able to go out and buy a basket of expensive goodies to share with my friends. But I can’t afford to do that.

DSCF3295My ‘celebration package’ contains books which I have previously  read and enjoyed, a couple of new handmade items, and some stationery which isn’t new, but still perfectly usable, and a few other bits beside.

I am not into sponsorship or advertising on this blog, so publishers and manufacturers do not give me freebies to pass on to readers. You can find plenty of them elsewhere if you want them.

I’m just a simple soul who gets a genuine thrill out of receiving a tiny parcel of treats from someone I love – they don’t have to be expensive things – just a package saying ‘I care about you, this is to brighten your day’. From the comments I have had on these past 2000+ posts, I think most of my regular readers feel the same way. Let us not apologise for sharing the blessings we have!

So do not forget to make your comment [like I said, here] before Friday night.

btw, if anyone from Royal Mail is reading this, what’s happened to the little package that STEPH posted to ME from London last week??!!


  1. no one is forcing anyone to enter these giveaways, so who cares!!!! Some people have nothing else better to do than leave negative comments, that's why I moderate all my comments now.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Congratulations, Angela! 2000 posts ~ now that's fun!
    It's been a while since I stopped by for a visit. I've been mulling around feeling sorry for myself because I can't get around very well with my bum knee. BUT, seeing that "Keep Calm" sign gave me encouragement! I must "Carry On"!
    As for the "sniffy" comment ~ oh, brother!
    They don't know what they're missing...a blessing from a friend, a package in the post!
    I just loved winning your give-away a couple years ago. You had sent me an apron and tissue holder you made, a cookbook, some shampoo etc. and a CD of singing from your church. Awesome! That CD is one of the regulars I listen to. :-) Just praising the Lord!
    Whoever wins your give-away this time will receive a blessing and you will too, for having given. :-)
    Take care,
    P.S. - I just read on another blog that the mail was slow here and in the UK. She was waiting for a package from the UK and it was taking weeks. :-(

  3. I can't believe anyone could be so rude as to complain about things being offered as a giveaway.You are right about little parcels brightening someone's day and about the thought that goes with the parcel. To know that someone has taken the trouble to send you something is priceless and definitely brightens my day. x

  4. If it is 'new to me' then it's new.Period!
    Jane x

  5. Did someone really say that? I thought that the whole point of blogaways was that you parcelled up some stuff from your land- old or new, but certainly and intrinsically you, and 'twould be automatically received as a fine and generous sharing. Goodness. I'm a bit shocked! Your parcel sounds fabulous. The winner will be blessed indeed!

    1. I wish you well with your giveaway - you have the right sentiment behind your gifts and that's worth more than anything! xC

  6. I too am a bit shocked, but truth to tell, not so surprised. The Blogoshere does cover all people so I guess would cover all aspects of human nature, good and bad. Hope the person whose blog it was was able to ignore it and move on. I would have felt a bit peeved if it had been my giveaway. Still people are people and I have always loved pre-loved stuff. It's better than new cos it's part of the back story. :)

  7. Thank you everyone for your positive comments - I am not alone in my feelings about this!

    Posting the winner of my giveaway on Saturday afternoon

  8. Missed it!and not because I'm a Sniffy Giveaway Commenter!How rude of people who complain like that. Some giveaways are totally off the scale and therefore lose the whole meaning of a 'giveaway'.I'd have been chuffed to bits if I had won yours.
    I'll be sure to look out for your next one!


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