Sunday 5 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

Our young neighbours were out last last night [11pm] building snowmen. We saw their creations as we walked to church this morning.


DSCF3281The hirsute chap at no 9, standing beside Bob, is as tall as me. And at no 7 there is a whole family of snow people.

Our intrepid congregation donned boots and warm clothing, and grabbed their sledges and walking poles – and we had a good congregation – although some from the villages further out didn’t make it. Top marks to David the organist for trudging 5 miles across the snowy fields to be there!

DSCF3279Wherever you looked there were sledges or Nordic poles propped up, and snowy boots thawing out on top of plastic bags, and hats and scarves draped over tables.

We had a really great service. Walked home with neighbour Annabel, who said they’d had a good time at the Parish Church too.


Missing the girls, who were around last year when we made Laurence, I decided no 11 needed a snowman too. Having checked the lunch was cooking OK I stomped outside in my boots and made a small snowman. As yet anonymous – he’s borrowed Bob’s Indiana Jones Hat, so I may call him Harrison!


Bob came outside briefly to take photographs of the Working Girl [which is another of my favourite Harrison Ford films]


When I came back inside, there was this gorgeous hot drink waiting for me! If you like ginger, I can really recommend this Rochester Dark Ginger, from Julian Graves Stores. It is non-alcoholic, and tastes wonderful diluted with hot water.

The website says “The finest Jamaican Ginger and pure cane sugar are at the heart of a generations old Jamaican recipe for a powerful potent Ginger drink that many find hard to believe is non-alcoholic.” [It is usually £3.99, but we got ours on offer in December]

We are having a service tonight – however many turn up!


  1. How lovely.So glad so many people made it to church despite the snow.

  2. Harrison looks very fetching! Is he still there this morning?

  3. 9am Monday - Harrison still there, but surrounded by green grass where the snow on the ground has thawed. The snowman at No 9 has gone - I think he was knocked down when they drove off to work!

    Yes, J&C, toques would have been a great advantage.

    About 20 of us at church last night - including a new visitor - another super service!


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