Monday 27 February 2012

A Man With Drive!

Froogs posted on Saturday about pressure washing her drive. Bob has been working on ours today. I was busy visiting the Doctor and then the Dentist.

dentists chairWhy is it that fillings crack late on a Saturday night when you are cleaning your teeth at bedtime?

You spend the whole weekend with your tongue constantly worrying the space in the tooth.

And why does that hole [which cannot be that big in reality] feels the size of a large volcanic crater? I am extremely grateful that our Dentist could not only fit me in today for a temporary filling, but also that she can do the permanent replacement next week. Let us not mention the hole that will subsequently appear in the Bank Account.

But back to the driveway. I returned home at 2.30pm to find it all clean and neat, moss and mud all washed away. I promptly fished out the camera, and said “That looks great – you have done a brilliant job. Stand over there and look smug, please.” So he did!


I should have taken a ‘before’ picture so you can truly appreciate how brilliant the ‘after’ is.


So then we went out and had a celebratory cup of tea. We chose the delightful Jade Tea Rooms –  just up the road from my new school, and that meant I could pop in and collect some stuff for tomorrow – and show Bob where I am working till Easter.


  1. Oh no! You have my sympathy re the tooth and the hole in the bank balance. I'm hoping that more ebay sales this week will mean that the cost of my dental work is almost covered. Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea. The drive looks great!

  2. Does Bob do freelance? (Only joking ... but I could do with a Bob). Hope your tooth gets fixed soon .... it's grim isn't it! xx

  3. Will you be asking visitors to wipe their shoes before stepping on the driveway?
    Jane x

    1. Wipe their feet? I am thinking of leaving a basket for their shoes on the pavement and providing slippers!!

  4. I infer from this post that dentistry is not included in the National Health scheme ... and sympathize with you as my dental crises always occur on the weekend too. Your comments about the size of the crack reminded me of a Lord Peter Wimsey story ("In the Teeth of the Evidence"), in which Lord Peter visits the dentist because of a cracked tooth. The dentist drills out the cavity, and Lord Peter, after "exploring his ravaged molar with his tongue," comments, "How odd it is that these cavities always seem so large. I feel as if I could put my head into this one."

  5. Hi Angela
    This is a surprise for you! I occasionally look at your blogg, when I have nothing to do. Sorry hope you're not offended by that. Anyway your drive looks lovely after Bob's hard work. You really ought to try Patio Magic available from Wilkinson's and other places. There is one you just sprinkle on from a watering can and it really is magic at stopping the moss etc coming back on paving and concrete.
    love Barbara Yaxley - Dereham

    1. Lovely to hear from you Barbara. Will check out the Patio Magic [thanks for the tip]
      I hope your life is not too disrupted at the minute by the rebuilding work at the church in Dereham.


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