Wednesday 1 February 2012

Turn The World On With Your Smile…

I loved watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show when I was growing up. I adored the gleeful way she skipped down the street and threw her hat in the air, and everything came right in the end, despite many disasters en route. She introduced me to Minneapolis years before I found the quirky Minnesotans of Garrison Keillor’s neighbourhood.

Why she spent so many years as the TV wife of Dick Van Dyke, I’ll never know [Why, Mary Poppins, what an appalling Cockney accent!] However this week the original DVD himself presented her with the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.

She’s 75, but I shall always imagine her as a twenty-something.

marytylermoore NOWmarytylermooreTHEN

She looks remarkably good for her age, doesn’t she? There’s even a statue to her on Nicolette Mall, Minneapolis


Thoroughly Modern Millie  FilmAnd of course she was brilliant playing opposite our very own English Rose, Julie Andrews, in Thoroughly Modern Millie [along with our equally talented James Fox]

Well done MTM – thanks for the memories!

Here’s those great opening credits again.

Did you watch the MTM show too?

You’re Gonna Make It After All…


  1. Oh yes, that took me back to childhood days. Remember it well Angela. She still looks great doesn't she?

  2. I suspect it is genetic. Like the way you and your daughter follow your Mum in always looking well turned out!!


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