Tuesday 28 February 2012

Like A Mighty Army

In 246 BC, the Emperor Qin Shi Huang began the work on his Mausoleum – in 1974, some Chinese peasants unearthed the first part of the amazing terracotta army. Now over 8000 figures have been discovered – along with horses and chariots.


A few years ago, our friend Steve went to China on business, and brought back a set of three model warriors for Bob. They’re each about 15cm high.


On Friday last week, I took the models into school, to show some of the children who are studying China this term. They were fascinated by the detail, and the fact that every single warrior is unique. This week the children have made their own warriors, using clay and cocktail sticks [each with a green plastic milk bottle top as a flat base] They were working with a Supply Teacher, and I think they tried so hard, to reproduce the textures of the fabric and armour.

terracotta warriors

I’m really impressed by the work these children have put into their creations – they are a mixed year class- aged between 8 and 10 – and I asked them if I could take photos.



Don’t they look good?


  1. Those are brilliant models! I love that kind of teaching - we really don't see it in France but it can't be beaten for giving the children a real experience and memory of what they've learned. In France they would get a badly photocopied sheet (she mutters, darkly...)

  2. Oh yes, the tin can shoes are just stilts - sorry not to be more interesting! Son 1 certainly shouldn't walk on them, but as I found him balanced on his computer chair sticking up posters this weekend, he's probably ready for anything now!

  3. They are brilliant Angela. Your kids did you proud!

  4. Brilliant!! Hope they got stickers or bronze awards. We were lucky enough to see some of the original terracotta army when in Malta a few years ago. They were on loan to the maltese museum in Valetta, truly fascinating.

  5. I've always wanted to see the terracotta army, but your students' soldiers are just as delightful!


  6. I never knew each member of the terracotta army was unique. I do love your students models and you can really see their effort.


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