Sunday 12 February 2012

Harry Redknapp, Michelangelo, And A Minister



Yesterday morning, I listened to Roy Jenkins [he’s a lovely Baptist Minister from Wales] doing “Thought For The Day” on Radio 4.

As usual he was topical, concise, and talked about Jesus.

What he said struck a chord, and I thought it was worth sharing [if you are able, check out the whole thing here]

He said that having come successfully through a court case this week, people are now saying that Harry Redknapp is the favourite to manage the England football team. He inspires the players, and makes them believe they can be world-beaters, he sees their potential. A gift that is vital for football managers, coaches, teachers – anyone charged with the responsibility of bringing out the best in others.

Roy went on to tell of a story he grew up with, about Michelangelo – to whom is attributed the saying “I saw the angel in the marble and carved till I set him free”

So many people just see a slab of marble and perceive it useless.

michelangelo angel

Roy said that this saying affected him in two ways – the idea of God chiselling through the layers to release him to be all that he could be, and his own need to look deeper at other people, and see the potential within – not dismiss them as worthless slabs of humanity.

Other footballers have spoken of HR’s honesty – that he doesn’t just encourage them, but also tells them when their playing is rubbish!

Roy reminded us of the ministry of Jesus- how HE began not only by encouraging and challenging- but also by saying the tough words, calling people to turn from the bad stuff that was holding them back. By releasing ourselves to God, he can shape us into the people we were meant to be, beautiful and purposeful.

I do not know as much about great art as I would like – I know absolutely nothing about football – but I do know about preaching the Good News. Thanks, Roy, for another superb Thought4TheDay!

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