Friday 17 February 2012

That Was The Party That Was

Jane, of the Maple Syrup Mob, invited us to her Virtual Birthday Party last weekend. We were required to take a guest and then tell of how our evening went. This guy was going to transport us to Canada, and Jane had a glorious outfit to wear


janes 50th birthday dress

I’d sorted out a guest and a dress too…

jamie and family


…then at the last minute, Jamie rang and said he really needed to spend the weekend with Jools and the kids. Well, I had to agree with him, family responsibilities are important, and he does neglect the, rather. I asked my other half, but Bob was very apologetic, but it was way too late for him to find an alternative preacher for the Sunday services, so he couldn’t accompany me either. What’s a girl to do?  I decided that if Dr Who was able to fetch me anyone from anywhere at anytime, I would choose this guy

soyer beret

Alexis Soyer was the original celebrity chef. I have raved about him before [here]

Always up for an outing, and for free publicity, Alexis hopped into the Tardis without a moment’s hesitation.

He produced a fabulous buffet for Jane with a minimal supply of ingredients [but was quite suspicious of Maple Syrup, and didn’t like the taste of Caribou at all] He hadn’t encountered vegans before, but coped admirably.

All evening he entertained us with anecdotes of his exploits in the Crimea, and in Ireland after the Potato Famine, and told tales of the famous folk who fetched up at the Reform Club to sample his dinners. He was witty and amusing – and able to converse fluently with both English and French speaking guests.

I had hoped for a brief tutorial on ‘making better meringues’ but he was too busy flirting with the younger girls. I went to find other guests to chat to. At the end of the evening, he solemnly gave Jane his trademark beret as a birthday gift – and she bestowed on him one of her Canadian toques.

Great party Jane – thanks for the invitation.

Who will be hosting the next Significant Age Party?


  1. Angela, even though I say so myself,I thought we had the posh frocks licked! I wasn't too sure about the floppy beret, but Alexis was so sincere...I've since tried it on and it flopped over my eyes so much that I fell and broke my arm.It's the thought that counts!
    I didn't realize what a sense of humour Alexis had..'famine soup' on the buffet indeed...thank goodness the French Canadian guests did not convince him to make poutine.
    Why did he insist on taking apart my electric cooker to see how it worked?
    Sorry Bob missed the party..c'est la vie!
    Jane x

  2. I've been loving sneaking peeks through the windows at Jane's Big Bash- if I'm still blogging in July 2018 then I'll invite you to mine!

  3. Alexis was quite the gentleman, coping admirably with Tom's requests for something quick made from the bag of root veg he'd insisted on taking with him. Your frock was fabulous - though not so good for hiding a thermal vest - I did worry you would get cold during the conga! Just 3 years and 10 days until my significant birthday. Hope to see you there! x


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