Tuesday 21 February 2012

Flat As A Pancake!


Here I am, on Shrove Tuesday, all alone, totally sans crepes!

It is my own fault- I completely forgot, and ate my last egg yesterday – and as Bob is bringing me back some lovely fresh New Laid Eggs when he returns from his Norfolk Retreat shortly, I didn’t want to go out and buy any more this afternoon after school.

I had a lovely time in school today. I took my own lunch, but the children had pancakes on the School Dinner Menu. Children who normally bring a packed lunch could sign up last week if they wanted the special Pancake Day meal. But the pancakes were savoury ones, filled with chilli sauce [somewhat bland, I am told]


Personally I feel Shrove Tuesday Pancakes should be sweet ones with sugar.

I suppose the meat filling could be considered part of the ‘Carne Vale’ goodbye meat thing.

Bob makes extremely good pancakes- I may buy a lemon in anticipation of his return and we can feast on pancakes later in the week. I realise that isn’t quite in the spirit of Lent, but never mind.

I trust you have enjoyed your pancakes if you have been eating them today. I note that Karen has golden syrup, chocolate spread and sliced bananas ready for topping hers – what do you like on your pancakes? I am sugar, or syrup, plus lemons.


Maybe, following last week’s success with the Valentine Biscuits at the Healing Course, I should have served crepes with the coffee at tonight’s session!


  1. I have just polished off two with lashings of sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice.They were delicious and as I didnt get home from work til half past 7 today they were so quick and easy to do.

  2. Sorry to hear you missed out on pancakes today! I like lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar on mine. Only drawback is the whole house seems to smell of them now!!

  3. We had pancakes today for breakfast, but I didn't even think about it being Fat Tuesday until later. I like pancakes with butter and real maple syrup and sometime peanut butter with maple syrup.


  4. While I love crepes, here in the States "pancakes" are a rather sturdier affair, most often topped with butter and (ideally) maple syrup.

    Crepes? I like to fill them with raspberry whipped cream and then drizzle with warm ganache.

  5. I made pancakes for the 17 girls in my dorm, and surprisingly even the Brits hadn't come across the tradtion of pancake day before! I served to remind me that that they might have a British passport but have lived in Aisa their whole lives and so are truly TCKs (Third culture kids). I provided lemon and sugar (the only way to eat them in my opinion!) but the girls also brought peanut butter, chocolate sauce etc.

  6. My mouth is watering reading all these delicious comments. Elizabeth - well done for catering the Dorm Pancake Party [you are clearly your mother's daughter]
    I have tried peanut butter on pancakes, but though I love PB on toast etc, I don't like it as a topping.
    syrups, lemon and chocolate sauces are all great though...


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