Sunday 26 February 2012

Easter Encounter

Our young people have been away on an N:counter weekend, learning how to share their faith, demonstrating practical acts of kindness, litterpicking, clearing weeds, studying the bible, discussing faith …lots more.

AND making this very brief video about the Resurrection.

At church this morning, they asked if I would post it on my blog today so that lots of other people watched it. PLEASE have a look [the number of hits this weekend is very important to them apparently] It is not brilliant, it is dark and full of giggles and there are absentee cast members – but I do want to encourage them. They’re full of irrepressible joy, and eagerness to do good. They are trying so hard to tell the people around them about Jesus, and I am thrilled about that!

Yesterday I thawed out a box of frozen plucked pheasant [don’t try to say that too fast] and we had a casserole for lunch today. Wonder where that woodcock went?


  1. I wouldn't say it was full of giggles, Ang - that is definitely full blown laughter!!! I couldn't see very much of what was happening, but I loved the fact that they were obviously enjoying what they were doing - whatever it was!!!
    And of course you may quote "stirred, not shaken". I'm glad it was useful!

  2. So lovely to see young people enjoying themselves and spreading the word of Jesus.In this day and age where christianity seems to be being sidelined its wonderful to know the next generation think he is just as important as ours.

  3. Faith is fun...laughter is infectious..they have just spread the gospel in their own way!
    Jane x

  4. Do you realize how absolutely exotic is sounds when you say you just pulled a plucked pheasant from your freezer? That is about equivalent to my saying I just grabbed a frozen zebra leg from the freezer and made a quick soup for lunch!

    Our realities are all different. Reminds me of the documentary film "Babies"

    Have a blessed day...Nancy

  5. Love how much fun they are finding in their faith...and rolling the stone was wonderful!


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