Tuesday 14 February 2012

Less Waist, Less Waste!

DSCF2980When Steph and Liz made their splendid Gingerbread House at Christmas, there was some dough left over. Steph intelligently wrapped it and put it in the freezer, for me to make biscuits at a future date.

But Bob and I are trying to avoid snacks and biscuits right now, as the weight loss thing has stalled. Bob actually went for a run round the village this morning at 7am. How disciplined was that?

Today being Valentine’s Day, and the prospect of a romantic dinner is non-existent [due to Bob leading Session 4 of the ‘In His Name’ Course at church this evening] So I decided to bake the biscuits anyway and serve them to the course members with their coffee this evening [after all, they will not be ‘dining à deux’ either]


Here are my dishes of gingerbread hearts – along with the Valentine card I made for Bob at the EcoHouse Craft afternoon on Sunday.

Will you be preparing a Romantic Meal for anyone?

Did you get a card?

In case you are wondering, I did get a card – sort of – only it was actually more of a sermon illustration for Sunday than anything else.


And I was preaching elsewhere, so I am sorry, I am not altogether sure what Bob said about it! I sincerely hope that none of you received a card like this [on the back it says Multipack, not to be sold separately]

My first Valentine cost one-and-threepence from Woolworths [price label still on] and the chap concerned sent cards to at least four other girls in the Church Youth Group. Two of their cards were padded satin ones!


  1. I love your gingerbread hearts! No cards here. J has finished fitting the worktops and will be starting the tiling tomorrow. I have provided lots of cups of tea, done some sewing and cooked a scrummy homemade pizza and garlic bread for tea. We're just enjoying sitting together watching Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury 2010. K and A saw him there, 25 years after J and I saw him in Leeds.Such happy memories of a weekend filled with family, love, laughter and music.

  2. Poor Chris is so frazzled that any quick to prepare,easy to eat meal will seem like fine dining tonight.
    Jane x

  3. I did, it had an ironic knitted rabbit on the front - at least I think it was ironic! I usually make mine for the Mr, although this year I'd forgotten he was off for half term, so had to hide in the utility room to make it (I'd usually do it while he was at work)

    Big fan of gingerbread hearts and the Tesco Valentine is fun - in a future paper ephemera type way at least. I'd seen the infamous 7p Asda version online, but my heart belongs to the vintage variety.

  4. The sevice was lovely on Sunday Angela and I knew I would be seeing the card on the blog!! It really is the thought that counts I believe. We bought each other cards but no gifts, we are spending money on doing up our bedroom this year, carpet arriving tomorrow. Treat for today was going to see the Muppet Movie with Emma and her friend. Quiet night in pulling up old carpet tonight!!!

  5. What a great idea :-) You really captured the spirit of Valentine's Day, not just for you and yours but for a greater population. Enjoy the day <3

  6. The biscuits were very well received last night. Glad you all seem to have plans for a happy day, albeit thrifty ones!
    Hoping to hear your review of the Muppet Movie, Chris!

  7. I'm about to make some gingerbread hearts- to be decorated at an open house coffee and colouring session for those us filling up half-term week tomorrow! Hope you are having some nice together moments despite the busy-ness!


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