Monday 20 February 2012

I Am Being Unbearably Smug Tonight!


I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has recorded ‘Whitechapel’ and not watched it yet, but the clue was clearly shown in last week’s programme.

How come it took the police to the last minute of the second programme to spot it?

I noticed it last week – and so did Bob [and he certainly doesn’t share my love of the Pre-Raphaelite brethren]

I have my theory almost completely worked out now about ‘How Sherlock escaped Moriarty and Death’ too!

Should I try my hand at writing TV detective stuff? Does it pay better than Supply Teaching? Or should I just make some hot chocolate and go to bed? [answer – bed, because you are at school tomorrow!]


  1. Ooh goody, a new series...we should have it later in the year.
    Jane x

  2. Mr. M hates watching mysteries with me because I tend to solve them unbearably early on. (Sometimes storylines are so predictable!)

    Enjoy your gloat. You deserve it.


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