Saturday 25 February 2012

Work In Progress

A few photos of our Wednesday night activities at the church.



We have been very busy at Sewing Club lately, working on some strip-and-flip patchwork.

These are for a project we are doing for the EcoHouse in Leicester.

The girls are all working incredibly hard, and producing these rectangles which will end up as cushion pads for the Bistro Chairs in the cafe. All using donated and thrifted fabrics.

Hoping to get the complete set done by Easter if we can [14 cushions]


  1. They look lovely, I saw some patchwork chair covers on super shrimpers and I'm going to have a go at recovering my dining room chairs like that too x

  2. What an absolute joy to see youngsters having fun and learning a new skill at the same time. They will feel so proud when those fabulous cushions are placed on the chairs in the cafe for all to see. Well done to all x

  3. Those are lovely - and brilliantly thrifty. It's wonderful to see young people enjoying sewing.I don't think they are exposed to it at school like we were - I certainly don't recall seeing a sewing room when we looked around the girls' high school.

  4. Am into chair cushions these days; what a great concept for bistro chairs. Please do post pictures of the chairs after they are completed. Bet they will be unique and a real hit!

  5. Wonderfully thrifty and creative!
    Need any more fabric?????

    Sandie xx

  6. The girls should be proud of themselves.
    Jane x

  7. Strip and flip is such fun. Have you ever tried it right on the batting? It's quilted and sewn at the same time which gives it a wonderful texture.

    How nice to have a Sewing Club.


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