Tuesday 7 February 2012

The Thrill Of What You Already Have #2

Floss has posted a Railway poster of Edinburgh this month

february edinburgh

Last month I reduced the Dunfermline poster to a palette of six colours and found pottery to match.

But what to do with this one? I was struck by two things – the shapes which were outlined and the fact that it is the great capital city of Edinburgh. I reduced the diagram to some basic shapes.

  • In the centre, two dark rectangles.
  • To the right, the spire of the Scott Memorial 
  • Below them a white cloud of steam
  • And the leafy green foliage of trees.
  • At the edges of the picture, the buildings of Princes Street, and the area round the Castle.


Then I collected a few items which remind me of Edinburgh

  • my collection of Ian Rankin ‘Rebus’ books
  • the jester hat we bought on holiday at Festival time in ‘97
  • a baby shawl – made by a Scottish friend in ‘82
  • my tartan skirt
  • a collection of Scottish shortbread tins with tartan patterns


These are all important for different reasons and the memories connected with them:

  • The Rebus Collection: I really enjoy Ian Rankin’s books, and in the interviews I have read, he comes across as a good bloke, with a real concern for family life. My entire family loves relaxing by reading, especially on holiday.
  • The hat: Steph, with a broken leg, being pushed round Edinburgh in a wheelchair, yet retaining her good humour and proudly wearing her hat with the jingling bells.
  • The shawl: Liz, a new born baby. She finally arrived safely after a very difficult pregnancy. I wrapped her in this shawl to bring her home from the hospital, so grateful to have her alive and well.
  • The kilt: ‘You can’t go wrong with a nice kilt’ Mum always said. I was really pleased to be able to make this one from a longer one given to me by a friend. I think of Mum whenever I wear it [and the friend who gave me the original skirt].
  • The shortbread tins: All of these represent Christmas gifts from Church members here. I am so grateful for these people – and their love and support which is evident throughout the whole year, not just in the festive season.

All these things are still being used regularly [the shawl was wrapped round Baby Jesus for ‘Get In The Picture’, and I usually wear the hat for Carol Singing]

Thanks Floss for this inspiration. It began as a geometric exercise, and ended as a reflection on how blessed I am to have my family and my many friends who care for me. The thrill of what I already have in terms of ‘things’ is far outweighed by the joy of those good relationships.


  1. That is a really interesting way of looking at the inspiration. Well done.

  2. What a wonderful conclusion Angela.When you have the love of family and friends you are most definitely blessed.

  3. We are all getting so much more from this excercise than just 'playing with our stuff'.
    Jane x

  4. Jane's right! Like you, I have such connections with Edinburgh that 'playing with the stuff' has brought back real memories and gratitude. Who'd have thought it?

    I hope it's OK to putthe photo of your collection into my sidebar - I'm finding it's the best way to 'advertise' what we're doing!

    And thanks for entering my giveaway, too.


  5. I agree with Jane and Floss. My connection to Scotland is through A. Every time I see him and K together, I feel enormous gratitude that they found each other and love each other so much. I really must get on with this month's Thrill.


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