Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Brassed Off? No, Tracing Rainbows!

Not really - but the Bank Holiday didn't quite work out as we'd expected. I'd switched off the alarm so we could sleep in [it always takes me a few days to adjust to the clocks going forward] but the high winds woke us in the night - and again early in the morning. Bob went downstairs to make tea, and came back reporting that we'd lost fence panels on both sides, and the barbecue and incinerator had blown onto the vegetable bed. I went to the front of the house, and saw wheelie bins and food waste bins rolling happily down the hill. But we came off quite lightly compared to other people.
I did some housework inside, and Bob set to mending fences. Our neighbour came round and we all sat in the garden drinking tea and looking at the damage. Then Bob put in the proper soil spear for my rotary dryer [for over a year it has been a 'temporary' arrangement, tilting at an angle]

Meanwhile I polished my brassware from the hearth. I was told by a National Trust guide once that their brasses only receive one annual polish - so today my bells, bugle, plates and urn got their yearly chance to shine.
Meanwhile, Bob finished dealing with the huge cordyline which I have loathed since we moved in! We chopped most of it down in the autumn - but as the soil was very moist after the heavy rains, today he dug out the remaining root with his fork and trusty mattock. We will gain a substantial extra area of lawn now!

After lunch the rain came down again in earnest. We treated ourselves to a trip to ThirtySeven, our neighbourhood coffee shop, and enjoyed a slice of exceedingly good chocolate cake. When we came home, there was a rainbow. Beautiful!

How was your Bank Holiday?


  1. Our bank holiday was wet but not too windy in our neck of the woods and we spent time with family.

    1. Quality family time is good- even if it is raining!!

  2. We stay home every Easter Monday because the roads here are so clogged that it is horrible trying to get anywhere, and if you do survive the trip, there are crowds aplenty in every street, shop, cafe, National Trust garden/house/carpark for miles around. So I ironed, tidied the spice box, and played a marathon of Monopoly with the suns. Prince Charming built a boat. All strawberries are equal, but some are certainly more equal than others!

  3. No bank holiday, here. Both Good Friday and Monday were regular working days. Glad you didn't have a lot of storm damage and rainbows are always lovely, aren't they?


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