Thursday, 24 March 2016

Dodging Artful Bollards!

Just round the corner from the Cathedral in Winchester is The Square - a street of very exclusive shops. The sort where shop windows do not display prices- if you have to ask, you cannot afford it! And all along the street are cast iron bollards. But these ones, although a conventional shape, have each been painted with famous works of art. Klimt, Turner, Lautrec, Magritte and more.  Full descriptions here - but below is my collage of these bright pieces of street furniture. 

My favourite was the Hockney 'A bigger splash' which wrapped beautifully round the bollard. I took photographs of both sides [see second row] I love that warm turquoise colour, redolent of midsummer days.
The golden Klimt [The Fulfillment] looked splendid in the sunshine too.


  1. How colorful! Thank you for the link to the full descriptions. I enjoyed looking through them.

  2. There is always something interesting to see in Winchester.

  3. How lovely, thanks for sharing. Vee x


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