Sunday, 13 March 2016

Pause In Lent #5

A couple of modern hymns I have come to appreciate in the last few years are "Be the God of all my Sundays" and also "Come, Wounded Healer". These are both by Martin Leckebusch, a gifted contemporary hymnwriter. 
So many of the Lent posts I have read on the internet this year have been about social justice - and this hymn [which I learned for the first time last year] seems to encompass many of my thoughts.

Show me how to stand for justice
How to work for what is right,
How to challenge false assumptions,
How to walk within the light.
May I learn to share more freely
In a world so full of greed,
Showing your immense compassion
By the life I choose to lead.

Teach my heart to treasure mercy,
Whether given or received
For my need has not diminished
Since the day I first believed.
Let me seek no satisfaction
Boasting of what I have done.
But rejoice that I am pardoned
And accepted in your Son.

Gladly I embrace a lifestyle
Modelled on your living word,
In humility submitting
To the truth that I have heard;
Make me conscious of your presence
Every day in all I do:
By your Spirit’s gracious prompting
May I learn to walk with you.

It challenges me to 'do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God' [the best tune is the old Welsh melody Dim Ond Iesu - Here is love, vast as the ocean]
Leckebusch says that like Mother Teresa, we must learn to "do small things with great love"


  1. Those are wonderful words! Thank you so much for sharing them.Xx

  2. Yes, in response to His great and personal love for us. Thank you for sharing the hymn/hymn writer, Ang!


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